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Kit Review : Enviliv Advanced Pro 1 Disc

I have been lucky enough to test one of the latest Liv bikes from Rutland Cycling, this time the Enviliv Advanced Pro 1 Disc. I’m a fan of the Liv range anyway, not because I feel a women’s specific bike is a necessity but because I really feel they have done a great job at … Continued

Where to Ride: A week in the French Alps

To me there is no where more amazing to spend time than in the mountains. I made a little clip of my trip to share some of the time spent on two wheels in this amazing place. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough place to be cycling but equally very rewarding too. Hope you … Continued

Galleries: Red Bull Time Laps 2019

Red Bull Time Laps 2019

Earlier this year I entered a team into the Red Bull Time Laps event. It’s a 24 hour race on paper, but actually 25 hours due to the added hour when the clocks go back. I’m not short of friends who are up for a challenge and so recruited in three of my other cycling … Continued

Red Bull Time Laps – What is it and our Top Tips

  What is it? Red Bull time laps is an endurance race taking on paper over 24 hours, the catch being that as the clocks change in the UK it is actually a 25 hour duration. The aim is to get as many laps in during this period. You can enter as a team but … Continued