A well deserved break

October 19, 2015 Love Velo cc Love Velo Lucy, Road Cycling


I have over the past month dropped my mileage quite a bit, I have taken the pressure off and eased the pace and actually I’m feeling really good for it. Cycling is a really time consuming hobby and I feel sometimes like I am neglecting friends I once had much more time to spend time with at the weekends. I’m never off the radar all together, I always make some time for those close to me it’s just that riding my bike does take up a lot of my spare time. So this month I have taken time to catch up with people I haven’t seen for a while. The girls I used to work with in my old company, some university friends, my sister and brothers and my lovely little nephew.

It’s not just time to visit people too, I was feeling a little stagnant from cycling. I was starting to get annoyed with myself for not wanting to ride as much, for my dropping mileage and lack of mojo. I had an amazing trip to Girona too, but it was the end of the season and after that I just needed a bit of a break.


Well I have done that, and actually I’m feeling really good about starting to get going with some winter training very soon. Im still cycling, just more leisurely, exploring the canal on my mountain bike for example. I’m now looking forward to riding some nice long steady rides, finding some cafes, exploring on my road bike and of course building up my confidence on the mountain bike too.

So if you’re feeling a little like your losing your mojo, maybe a break is just what your needing. Don’t be too hard on yourself, make time to do other things for a bit and start thinking about motivation for next year too. Hopefully like me you will come back refreshed and ready to go for it. Well that’s my advice anyway, but if you want to read more about this then have a read at the post on taking an end of season break over at Total Womens Cycling.



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