Kit Review : Oakley ARO3 Helmet

Oakley ARO3 Helmet 148.99

Love Velo CC ambassador, Carl Dyson has been wearing the new Oakley ARO3 helmet, he puts it to the test and tells us a little about it below.

This is one of three new helmets offered by Oakley on their first venture into head protection. It’s available in seven colour ways, I have been wearing the white with blue colour option. The helmet retails for £148.99.

Of all helmets in the range, this is the most ventilated version. As you will know, we have had some really warm weather in the UK and it does offer really great air flow which helps keep you cooler. It also has the capability of holding your glasses in the front of your helmet.

A unique feature is the boa 360 clamp system. Where other helmets tighten from the back and push your head to the front, this helmet tightens all the way around which makes for a comfortable fit. Most other helmets have a plastic bit near your ear and where your sunglasses will go which can be a little uncomfortable or bulky, the boa system helps to eliminate this. I feel this is great use of the boa system.

They have used the mips construction system which offers more protection than a standard helmet from a safety and protection point of view. I’m hoping I don’t have to find out if this works, but reassuring to know that it features the best technology to allow for protection, as let’s face it that’s the main reason for using a helmet. It is certified with a European CE EN1078 standard. The O and the Oakley on the helmet also are discretely reflective which is quite a nice feature from a style point of view, but also then can help with visibility on the road.

One thing I’ve found with other helmets is that the padding after a while starts to smell, the idea of old sweat is a little grim. However Oakley claim the padding used,  “X-STATIC” is an antibacterial fabric containing silver which will then reduce any odors.

To date I feel it’s a great helmet, it has so far been exactly as described. Very comfortable, lightweight, stylish and for me, most importantly it offers that air flow to help keep you cool.


Main features: –

  • Nicely ventilated
  • Stylish and well fitting
  • Boa 360 tightening
  • Mips construction
  • X Static odour elimination


For £148.99, a good price I’d say comparing with other brands and helmets on the market.


Carl Dyson | Love Velo CC

Rutland Cycling

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