Road Cycling

Thinking about trying a time trial? Here is our advice…

It was around this time last year that the seed was being planted that I wanted to try some competitive cycling. I wanted to race but didn’t really know where to start but a ten mile time trial seemed like the best place. I have now ridden a few ten mile time trials and feel … Continued

Identifying your Coaching Needs

Are you considering some coaching? Racehub manager Claire Shea-Simonds is an experienced Ironman athlete who has twice competed at the World Ironman Championships in Kona as an age grouper. Claire gives us some points to consider. I’ve been asked a few times lately about how identify a coach and it’s not an easily answered question … Continued

Reliability Trials

Over the past few weeks I have taken part in reliability trials held by local clubs in the nearby area. The two events over the past two weeks that I have taken part in have been organised by Welland Valley Cycling Club and also the Ratae Road Club. Riding a reliability trial involves riding a … Continued

Entering a Triathlon: Taking the Plunge

I first had the idea that I might want to enter a triathlon not long after I had first started cycling. I guess I had a new found confidence from the fitness and achievement through my new found hobby. The only issue was that I hadn’t done any running since leaving university around five or … Continued

Brenda Mitchell: Bike Biz Pioneer – Woman of the Year 2015

We love to feature inspiring characters on Love Velo cc which leads me to introducing Brenda Mitchell who I was lucky enough to meet earlier this year at the Bike Biz Cycling media Awards. Having walked into a crowded room on the evening of the awards and knowing not a single person, I was quickly relieved … Continued

Strongher cc & Love Velo cc Ride Social – Braver than the Elements

I had been checking the weather forecast all week, although this isn’t so unusual to check conditions for a weekends cycling. However during the lead-up to this weekend I was hoping for a lovely winters day as the 12th December was the day planned for our Love Velo cc & Strongher cc women’s social ride. … Continued

Fiona Aylward: the tenacious cyclist

“I got into cycling seriously when my brother bought me a Garmin,” Fiona Aylward says as she stands, hands-on-hips, inspecting the clutter of bikes, turbo trainers, shoes and gear that litter the small furniture-free front room. “That was when I discovered Strava, and suddenly I had loads of people to compete against.” She grins with … Continued

A well deserved break

I have over the past month dropped my mileage quite a bit, I have taken the pressure off and eased the pace and actually I’m feeling really good for it. Cycling is a really time consuming hobby and I feel sometimes like I am neglecting friends I once had much more time to spend time … Continued

Winter Miles, Summer Smiles

I’m no expert, I’m not a coach or a pro rider at all, as much as I would love to be! I have however put together my top tips for winter training and some of the ways to stay motivated throughout the shorter days and colder months. Turbo Training When its dark, cold and wet … Continued

The Red Hook Crit, Barcelona with Velociposse, Womens Cycling Team

Earlier this year I was in Spain for a week of road cycling in Girona, followed by a few days of just being a tourist in Barcelona. Whilst in Barcelona I just so happened to be there at the time of the Red Hook Crit series race. The Red Hook Crit is a series of four bike races … Continued