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This rider Q&A is with Clare who this year joined a cycling club and entered some of her first races this year. One being her first criterium 4th cat women’s races where she finished with a very respectable top 10 finish, the second being a hill climb in Leicestershire where she won the event overall! Im not surprising having seen Clare riding up hills with a very effortless style and high power to weight ratio!

Read more about her cycling experiences to date and some of her plans for the future.


How long have you been cycling for and where did it all begin?

I started cycling in 2008 as an indoor group exercise instructor and was teaching Les Mills RPM classes. Until 2016, when I gave up the gym and my day job moved to the city making it too expensive to use my car. I’d only ridden on the road 3 times since 1997 when I was at university where I cycled everywhere as I had no car. This year I joined some local women’s training sessions which were great for meeting like minded riders and I ended up joining my local cycling club too.

What sort or cycling do you do?

I commute around the city visiting schools and I ride at weekends for fun and I do love Zwift too with big tunes. I recently started doing training rides on Zwift and really liking the way they challenge me. This year I entered some races, a circuit race and also a local hill climb which were great fun, but equally a good challenge too.

What’s your biggest cycling achievement to date?

This year entering my first bike races was a really big achievement.

Is there anything you would like to achieve in the coming year?

I’m planning on riding my first century. I’d also like to ride some more criterium races and hill climbs.

I’m learning more on how to improve my cycling and I’d like to learn how to use data to improve my cycling.

Where is your favourite place to ride?

I don’t really have one, but did recently do a ride in the Peak District and loved it for the amazing views and good climbs.

What’s the best thing about riding a bike?

When commuting I love that im not late for work, as I don’t get stuck in traffic!

I’ve no time for the gym and much prefer being outdoors and so cycling is ideal. I love the quiet of a ride out on my own and the space to think and also push myself.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their cycling journey?

My advice would be to take time to set your bike up correctly, seek advice from experts if needed. The more comfortable you are on your bike the more you can just enjoy the ride and avoid unnecessary aches and pains

What do you do when you aren’t cycling?

 I do Taekwondo with my eldest daughter Rosa who’s 6. I love walking. But I spend most of my time cleaning up, playing with my girls, taking kids to parties, clubs and play dates. However I do love a glass of red wine!

Random fact

 I’m obsessed with germs and keeping hands clean. I worked in a Chinese takeaway for 5 years after school and college and was called little one.





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