Entering a Triathlon: Taking the Plunge

January 21, 2016 Love Velo cc Road Cycling


Yellow Jersey Cycle InsuranceI first had the idea that I might want to enter a triathlon not long after I had first started cycling. I guess I had a new found confidence from the fitness and achievement through my new found hobby. The only issue was that I hadn’t done any running since leaving university around five or six years prior, I also have never done any competitive swimming. The seed was planted though! I went for one run following that bright spark of an idea, I didn’t enjoy it! I started running and had every reason going through my head why I didn’t enjoy running. I was too hot, hated the music I was listening too, it was too hilly, I felt uncomfortable, my trainers didn’t feel right. Everything was wrong, a million reasons why I hated running and I wasn’t going to be going again any time soon. I soon gave up on that idea and carried on cycling. Much more enjoyable.

I have several friends through cycling who are keen triathletes, many who I have met through taking part in local club ten mile time trials. One told me at the end of the summer that she gave me six months until I decided to give it a go. I still was certain that I hated running and triathlon wasn’t for me. So why I am sitting here with less than three months to go until I will be taking part in my first triathlon I am not quite sure!

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Well it all came about because my younger sister Katie, who is a keen photographer was covering one of the local triathlon events in the area. Katie is a keen rower but also enjoys cycling too for some cross training. She came home and full of enthusiasm was telling me how great the event was and with such a mix of people of all different abilities having a go. Somehow then I found myself agreeing to give it a go too. At that point I hadn’t been running since the disaster ‘I hate running’ run and could only call myself a leisure swimmer at best! The triathlon is organised by 4life Events. Its a sprint triathlon and so has a 400m swim, 20km cycle and 5k run. Its a challenge, but achievable.


That was around a month and a half ago and so training is now under way. Im swimming several times a week and running at least once a week, there of course has been no dramatic transformation since then but I’m enjoying it, the most important thing. I have a brilliant running partner and Monday nights are now run club nights. We’re a similar ability and always take the time afterwards to catch up over a peppermint tea. Ideal!

So there we have it, I’m giving it a go. Its something new to train for, something new to try and its keeping winter training fresh too. You wait for the perfect time to do things and it never comes, I’m not amazing at any of the three disciplines, especially not swimming and running but everyone has to start somewhere.

So watch this space!


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