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This weeks interview is with Jessica Strange from Velo Me, a great resource for women’s mountain biking. If you haven’t paid the site a visit, I recommend it. Jessica is a keen cyclist, writer and blogger and she shares a little of her story with us.

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How long have you been cycling for and how did you start?

I’ve been riding for nearly four years now, primarily mountain biking. I first got into it after I was roped into a trail ride with some friends. I borrowed everything, from the bike to the helmet and gave it a go.

It was awful. I was riding a fixed gear Santa Cruz Chameleon with 26″ wheels. I walked most of the trail, but for the bits I could ride and roll down, I felt exhilarated and knew I would have to try this again.

Biggest / best cycling achievement?

Competing in the Snow Bike Festival is perhaps my most memorable bike event because it challenged my skill, fitness and most of all, my mind.

A 4-day stage cross-country race in the depths of Swiss winter. I’ve never been so cold in my entire life, but it was an incredible experience. The supportive atmosphere, breathtaking scenery and the looming suspense of potential peril made the whole event worthwhile.

What you most like about cycling?

All the F’s; Freedom, Friends and Fun.

What do you do when not riding your bike?

When I’m not riding, I’m usually hanging out with my boy, Gomez Thunderpaws. I’m usually so busy with work and bikes that I like to relax and reset my mind, and to take some time out for me.

Where is the best place you have cycled?

Sedona, Arizona. The best riding I’ve ever done over there because it’s just totally different to the UK. Desert rock, grippy, sandy, dry and the weather is insane.

Dream Bike

It’s so hard to say when there are so many out there. I’ve always been a big Canyon fan though and their Spectral is the perfect all-rounder in my opinion.

Favourite Café Stop

I don’t really have one! I go where there’s cake.

Best training ride

I live in the middle of an epic trail centre so I’m spoilt for choice. But if I want a fast flow lap, Bluescar in Afan Valley is pretty good for that. Then for a tech trail, Whites Level.

Random Fact

I’m a huge science fiction fan.




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