Kit Review : Fierlan High Waisted Padded Cycling Shorts

Fierlan High Waisted Padded Cycling Shorts £70.00


Yellow Jersey Cycle InsuranceI’m not one for over-indulging – my small salary makes sure of that – but these Fierlan shorts are pretty plush. I’ve been enjoying them all winter, and must admit that that’s saying something because I’ve been restricted to my turbo for most of it (which, as we all know, can test anyone’s love for their bike). I wasn’t sure what you’d get for the extra money you spend when buying a pair of these, apart from the “premium performance fabric” that Fierlan advertises them to be made from, but I’ve got to say they’re ludicrously comfy.


The fabric feels like some super-strong elasticated satin that’s gorgeously smooth but somehow doesn’t let you slip off your saddle. They feel thick enough to withstand a good scrape along the tarmac – although their durability is something I can’t completely attest to because so far I’ve managed to avoid falling off my turbo (so when I fall off in summer I’ll be able to update this review…).

To me, and I’m a lanky git, the shorts don’t seem too short and I’m happy with their length. They also have satisfyingly high waist line so I know it’s going to help keep my lower back warm when I eventually brave Britain’s weather again. The padding is sufficient for comfort (although, again, I’m confined to a turbo, so I haven’t withstood more than 1 hour at a time due to boredom pains) but without being bulgy enough to be an awkward eye-sore.


They’ve also got a handy little pocket in one leg which is big enough for a small set of keys or a bit of money. I’m not sure why they’ve stuck it on the leg rather than on the back, so that might be something to consider for some people. The pocket size is slightly restricted because my quad squeezes anything in the pocket every time I move my leg, but since I don’t normally carry much in my shorts pockets it doesn’t make much difference to me.


Put simply, for someone who doesn’t like spending money, these shorts were a bit of a surprise – I’d say they’re worth every penny. They’re sleek, comfortable, and thanks to their fancy logo, a little bit classy. And, lastly, manufacturers of slimming pants need to take a look at these because they’re pretty damn flattering too – which, for ladies in Lycra, isn’t a bad thing.

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By Greer Arthur 

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