Rider Profile : Carl Dyson

Carl is our most recent member to join the Love Velo CC team. A keen cyclist competing in several different disciplines, now riding for Leicester  Forest Cycling Club.
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How long have you been cycling for?

My family are keen cyclists and so I have been riding a bike since I was about 4. However my Dad, uncle and Grandad were all keen cyclists and racers, I started racing when I was about 14. Im 33 now, so I have been cycling for some time! My family love cycling and my parents come to all of my races still, so its something we all share as a common interest.

Biggest cycling achievement?

The achievement i’m most proud of is becoming a junior national TT champion in 2002. It was totally unexpected and I couldn’t believe it when I came first. Also last year i was really proud to finish in the top 100 in La Marmotte.

What you most like about cycling?

I enjoy the freedom of being out and to get to places and see things you normally wouldn’t. I love the competition racing though.

What do you do when not riding your bike?

When not cycling I try not to do too much at all! Relaxing with a BBQ is top of the list at the moment with all the amazing sunny weather were having.

Where is the best place you have cycled?

I love the French Alps. I love the mountains and the history of the area.

Dream Bike:

Pinarello F10 on SRAM eTAP  with Zipp 404 wheels.

Favourite Café Stop:

Eye Kettleby Fisheries, a little stop nearby where I live in Leicestershire

Best training ride:

I have a few little routes I enjoy, but I have a 50mile route that takes in Beacon and up to Tilton-on-the-Hill again in Leicestershire. That’s a go to if I am stuck for ideas.

Random Fact:

Not really a random fact, but a food I shouldn’t eat but always enjoy is fish and chips! Even better if by the coast 🙂

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