Rider Profiles

International Womens Day : My Inspiration

8th March marks international women’s day which is in place to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women.   Love Velo CC as a page which promotes and celebrates female cyclists and women in sport quite rightly is celebrating #IWD.  I have written a small piece about some of the female cyclists … Continued

Rider Interview : Beeston CC’s Women’s Race Team – Izzy Wild

Photo by Mick Bown Its been a while since we featured a rider interview, but here is our interview with Beeston CC Women’s Race Team member Izzy Wild. A few of the other Beeston girls have agreed to take part and so we hope to post these in coming weeks. This is the first year … Continued

Women of the Transcontinental Race : Rishi Fox

The transcontinental race (TCR) is an unsupported race across Europe and is known as one of the toughest ultra endurance bike races

The transcontinental race (TCR) is an unsupported race across Europe and is known as one of the toughest ultra endurance bike races. With a distance of between 3000-4000km riders must race from the start to checkpoints and then to the finish. In-between these points riders can take any route and Last years race, TCR04 started … Continued

Rider Interview : Harriette Machin

Our first interview of 2017 is with Harriette who rode her first racing season in 2016. Having progressed quickly to get some good results leading to confirming a cat 2 license she speaks with us about her season, top tips for any new racers as well as her plans for the future.   How long … Continued

Brenda Mitchell: Bike Biz Pioneer – Woman of the Year 2015

We love to feature inspiring characters on Love Velo cc which leads me to introducing Brenda Mitchell who I was lucky enough to meet earlier this year at the Bike Biz Cycling media Awards. Having walked into a crowded room on the evening of the awards and knowing not a single person, I was quickly relieved … Continued

Rider Profile: Sarah

This rider profile interview is with Sarah, 42 from Leicestershire. Sarah is one of the first people I met through cycling when I was looking for a group to ride with and as she lives just down the road from me, we got to know each other whilst riding together on summer evenings and on … Continued

Fiona Aylward: the tenacious cyclist

“I got into cycling seriously when my brother bought me a Garmin,” Fiona Aylward says as she stands, hands-on-hips, inspecting the clutter of bikes, turbo trainers, shoes and gear that litter the small furniture-free front room. “That was when I discovered Strava, and suddenly I had loads of people to compete against.” She grins with … Continued

Rider Profile Series: Greer

Our latest rider profile features Greer, 26 who I met though my younger sister Katie, a keen rower. Katie and Greer rowed together as a pair for Leicester Rowing Club and when Greer decided to take up cycling I took her under my wing and we have since formed quite a nice group of six … Continued

Rider Profile Series : Clair

This rider profile features Clair, who I first met during a bike fit at Rutland Cycling, where Clair works. At this time I had been cycling for around six months, so it was really good to meet someone with experience and a mutual interest in cycling. We soon got talking, Clair was really encouraging when I … Continued