Interview : Jessica Strange from Velome

    This weeks interview is with Jessica Strange from Velo Me, a great resource for women’s mountain biking. If you haven’t paid the site a visit, I recommend it. Jessica is a keen cyclist, writer and blogger and she shares a little of her story with us. Read more below… How long have you … Continued

MTB Skills day: Cannock Chase

Over the weekend I spent a day at Cannock Chase on a MTB skills course which I had seen advertised on a women’s cycling group page. I want to get better on the mountain bike, I want to increase confidence and I want to be able to know what I’m doing a little bit more. … Continued

Winter Miles, Summer Smiles

I’m no expert, I’m not a coach or a pro rider at all, as much as I would love to be! I have however put together my top tips for winter training and some of the ways to stay motivated throughout the shorter days and colder months. Turbo Training When its dark, cold and wet … Continued

MTB: Sherwood Pines

I’m a mountain bike newbie, but this is something I’m keen to do more of over the winter. Riding my heavy winter bike and training on the turbo is filling me with dread, summer is leaving and I don’t want it to go! The mountain biking I have done so far I have really enjoyed. … Continued

MTB Weekend; Cannock Chase and Sherwood Pines

I went snowboarding earlier in the year, I wasn’t very good at all and very quite quickly found other things to do instead! I have good balance, considered myself to have a good fitness level but I’m just too much of a wimp and am too scared to naturally be good at that sort of thing. … Continued

Where to Ride: Hicks Lodge MTB Trails

I recently spent an evening doing some mountain biking at Hicks Lodge which is an off road trail at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. I tend to do more road cycling and actually I don’t even have a mountain bike (yet!). I do however have friends who are slowly trying to convert me who are willing to loan … Continued

Where to Ride : Peak District Trails

I’m a road cyclist at heart, but over the past weekend I took a little time out to explore some of the trails of the Peak District. Leaving my slick tyres at home, I joined fellow keen mountain bikers Sarah and Annie to enjoy some off road cycling. The Peak District has some stunning scenery, … Continued