Kit Review

Kit Review : Fierlan High Waisted Padded Cycling Shorts

I’m not one for over-indulging – my small salary makes sure of that – but these Fierlan shorts are pretty plush. I’ve been enjoying them all winter, and must admit that that’s saying something because I’ve been restricted to my turbo for most of it (which, as we all know, can test anyone’s love for … Continued

Total cost: £70.00

Kit Review: Proviz Reflect 360 Women’s Jacket

  More people are now taking to the roads by bike as a form of transport, and with this, especially throughout the winter months comes the issue of visibility. Good lights are a must, but there also good ranges of clothing products available to help you be seen on the roads.  The product we are … Continued

Kit Review: Fierlans navy layering jacket

I do think that when looking at winter kit its worth buying a few key items that do the job you need and do it well. I also want to find items that look nice and have good styling and that isn’t always so straight forward! I spend quite a lot of time looking at … Continued

Total cost: £100.00

Polaris Bikewear: Vela Race Jersey and Shorts

We’re always on the look out for good  quality female specific kit and earlier this year we were really glad to come across the range offered by Polaris Bikewear. The kit being reviewed here is the Vela Race Jersey and shorts which also has matching gloves and socks. At Love Velo we only ever want to … Continued

Total cost: £ ?

Kit Review: Pearl Izumi Elite – Short sleeve jersey and Elite InRCool Cut Short

As a female rider, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find kit that both looks the part, is of a reasonable price and that performs well. It’s a difficult call because there seems to be quite a gap for women’s kit between being decked out in pink and purple and being very plain. I don’t want … Continued

Total cost: £130.00