Team LFCC: Anna Bertram

This week we speak to long time cyclist and triathele Anna Bertram.

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How long have you been cycling for?

Since as long as I can remember. On our family holidays to France as a kid we used to take two bikes and a tandem on the roof rack!

Biggest cycling achievement?

Does triathlon count?!  If so competing in the World Triathlon Championships in Auckland.

However just having the guts to start circuit racing and then improving was a massive achievement for me, so I was thrilled when I got my cat 3 license.

What you most like about cycling?

Feeling free! I love the wind against my face and the feeling of speed!

What do you do when not riding your bike?

Lots!!  Where to start…..running, tennis, badminton, gardening, playing the piano, painting (canvasses), craft (I’ve done silver smithing and recently dabbled with using Silver Clay to make jewellery), baking. I dont tend to sit still very often!

Where is the best place you have cycled?

Scotland. Love the scenery and the quieter roads.   If I’m allowed one more – the Ile de Re, that’s where it all started on family holidays and where I still go every year. Traffic free paths by the sea and through vine yards, what’s not to like!

Dream Bike:

I’m quite chuffed with my Cervelo S5 VWD, not a bad bike! However, I love Lucy’s Liv Langma too…

Favourite Café Stop:

I think I need to do more cafe stops. I think it’d have to be cafe Ventoux.

Best training ride:

Forest girls Tuesday night rides. I love cycling with other strong women and like the chat too!  I’ve been cycling a long time and never found such a great group :).

Random Fact

I’ve got a PhD in Organic Chemistry.


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