Kit Review: Proviz Reflect 360 Women’s Jacket

  More people are now taking to the roads by bike as a form of transport, and with this, especially throughout the winter months comes the issue of visibility. Good lights are a must, but there also good ranges of clothing products available to help you be seen on the roads.  The product we are … Continued

Where to Ride: The Brampton Valley Way

Leicestershire can be a little bit of a black hole for off road riding and mountain bike trails. We don’t really have trails, more a few bridle paths and byways and some cycle paths whereby you can form routes. Otherwise I have the canal to follow nearby which can be a nice route to follow … Continued

Riding off road in the beautiful Lake District

The Lake District is a stunning place with so many untouched areas of natural beauty. I wanted to reach some of this on my mountain bike, but love walking too and so planned a little bit of a whirlwind trip. It was a drive up after work on a Friday afternoon to test both patience … Continued

Julie Phelan : The 3 Peaks Cyclocross Race Through Rose Coloured Specs’

I recently attended a mtb skills day with Julie Phelan , mtb coach. We got chatting about lots of things, one being cyclocross and then the 3 peaks cyclocross race. Its always a great thing when you meet someone who inspires you to try something new. The below is a piece from her website, Woman … Continued

Kit Review: Fierlans navy layering jacket

I do think that when looking at winter kit its worth buying a few key items that do the job you need and do it well. I also want to find items that look nice and have good styling and that isn’t always so straight forward! I spend quite a lot of time looking at … Continued