Rider Profile Series: Greer

Our latest rider profile features Greer, 26 who I met though my younger sister Katie, a keen rower. Katie and Greer rowed together as a pair for Leicester Rowing Club and when Greer decided to take up cycling I took her under my wing and we have since formed quite a nice group of six … Continued

Where to Ride: Hicks Lodge MTB Trails

I recently spent an evening doing some mountain biking at Hicks Lodge which is an off road trail at Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. I tend to do more road cycling and actually I don’t even have a mountain bike (yet!). I do however have friends who are slowly trying to convert me who are willing to loan … Continued

Galleries: Rapha Womens 100

July 26th marked the Rapha Women’s 100 2015, a challenge for female cyclists across the world to cycle 100km. The event has had a great presence on social media and some brilliant photos have been taken from around the world. It feels great that this has taken place in so many countries, on the same … Continued

Womens Cycling Clubs

I would recommend joining a cycling club to any keen cyclist. Whether you want to improve your cycling, meet other people or just have some company whilst riding it’s something worth doing. For myself it’s been beneficial to my cycling, has introduced me to time trialling and I have met some really great people too. … Continued

Where to Ride : Peak District Trails

I’m a road cyclist at heart, but over the past weekend I took a little time out to explore some of the trails of the Peak District. Leaving my slick tyres at home, I joined fellow keen mountain bikers Sarah and Annie to enjoy some off road cycling. The Peak District has some stunning scenery, … Continued