Love Velo CC in London : Brompton Bicycles

July 4, 2018 Love Velo cc Road Cycling


Following our lovely day in London over the past weekend for the Oakley Cycling Tour, we then wondered past the Brompton Bicycle shop and couldn’t resist a little look around. The shop assistant was great, telling us all about the bikes, super knowledgeable and lets face it us cyclists love a bike chat. He then let us take one out on the road for a little spin…


What great fun! As keen road cyclists were used to a different type of riding. However I was really impressed with how responsive the Brompton was. It felt totally unusual to what i’m used to, but we had great fun just riding these awesome bikes round the block.



I have to say, I have in the past looked at a Brompton and just thought they wouldn’t be for me. My older brother has sang their praises with a keen interest (along with a recumbent bike, and all the reasons why I should get one). But they are great! I have to say, for city commuting they are an absolutely great concept and good fun too.



Its fun to do something a little different, Brompton World Champs here we come!


Lucy Sturgess | Love Velo CC

Rutland cycling | #teamrutland


Photography by Katie Sturgess

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