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April 20, 2018 Love Velo cc Road Cycling

The road race season is now underway and we have collected some of our top tips for new riders wanting to take up racing.

If you have any others we would love to hear from you with your top tips too!


‘Find a suitable category event for your first race. If your new to racing then try to find a category 3/4 or cat 4 race, however these can be hard to come across and so category 2/3/4 may be easier to find in your area. Circuit races are a great way to start initially, try and find a local league.’

Lucy Sturgess, Leicester Forest CC

‘Don’t be worried about entering a race because of names on the start sheet, just give it a go and do your best.’

Frankie Hall, DAP Cycling Club



‘Get out on club runs, chain gangs, ride with friends and be comfortable riding in a group. British cycling run some really good women’s and girls group sessions which are great for practicing group riding, chain gang, cornering and are a great way to meet like-minded riders too.’

Lucy Crookston, Leicester Forest CC

‘Try and get to races with friends or other people you know, it’s always good to have people around you that you know when starting out.’

Laura Owler, Beeston CC



‘Check the details of the course you’re riding beforehand. Ride the course before if you can or for road races or TTs drive round the circuit, or get the gpx file for your Garmin.’

Sally Maitland, Beeston CC


‘Don’t be intimidated by how other riders look. Looking like a good racer isn’t even the surface of it! Skills, teamwork, smart racing and hard work is what makes a good racer.’

Fiona May Aylward, Beeston CC


‘Just go for it – don’t be put off by anything. If you want to do a long distance road race then do it! It will only make you stronger, faster and fitter. Before you know it you will be in top 10s and then fighting for the podium.’

Yasmin Marks, Beeston CC



‘When the pace gets high, just hang on as best you can. Often it slows back down again, but be prepared for the changes in pace which is something to practice in your riding in the lead up to these events.’

Anna Bertram, Leicester Forest CC


‘Don’t skimp on the warm up! If you don’t have rollers or a turbo find a local loop to spin around, try and allow enough time to get a 25-30 minute warm up so you’re ready to go on the start line!’

Emily Walton, Beeston CC


‘Even if your races don’t go to plan, keep coming as you’ll push yourself harder than in training. Also get on some fast chain gangs, train with the boys and hang in for a bit longer each week. When you drop just keep pushing hard and keep going to the finish.’

Frankie Hall, DAP Cycling Club


‘Don’t just end the race and hop in your car and drive home, lower your heart rate and spin your legs for ten minutes. Try and think about post ride nutrition too, do what you can to aid recovery ready to train again for the next event.’

Lucy Sturgess, Leicester Forest CC


Photography by Mick Bown


Love Velo CC


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